The Farewell Ride on the Becky Thatcher

Hello everyone,

“The Becky Thatcher Underway on the Connecticut River”-Fine Art Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom

Inspiration for this painting came from where? Simply put…Dan needed the Becky Thatcher as the subject for his next painting. This composition was being entered into a juried show, which was being presented by the Essex Art Association and the Valley Railroad. The Becky Thatcher is part of the tourist attraction of the railroad and the riverboat. So off to the Deep River Landing we headed (not too far from our house) looking for a good view of the boat. Dan wanted a painting of it underway on the river, just coming from behind the island, and so we waited and waited for the boat to be underway–it was docked for the longest time. I sensed that the boat was waiting for something or someone, and it was–a very special passenger, in spirit anyways.

As we were waiting, we realized so much laughing and partying was coming from the gazebo. At the landing is a lovely gazebo overlooking the river…great spot to read, visit with a special someone or reflect, and in this case, it was a memorial service for someone who loved the river and spent time on it, and family and friends were enjoying their memories (with much enthusiasm) of this departed soul. “The Becky” was waiting to give the final ride on the river, and it was a lovely time to be underway….the enthusiastic group became subdued as they boarded the vessel, and the river also complied by becoming very tranquil and hushed for this very special occasion. I watched as “The Becky” pulled out from the dock, and began this journey.

I love that Dan captured this final ride on the Becky Thatcher, and that we were part of this fun service from a respectful distance.

My River a poem by Emily Dickinson

My river runs to thee.
Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me?
My river awaits reply.
Oh! sea, look graciously.

I’ll fetch thee brooks
from spotted nooks.
Say, sea, Take me!

Wishing you all a good one!

Nancy (the blogger) and Dan (the artist)

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