Art Exhibit by Daniel S. Dahlstrom and “Meet and Greet” at Essex Library Association in Essex, CT and Poem “The White Birds” by Yeats

Hi all,

New exhibit happening, for Dan, at the Essex Library in November 2014. Particulars following:

"At Alert"
“At Alert” A Fine Art Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, Chester, Connecticut Artist

Art Exhibit by Daniel S. Dahlstrom (Featuring Oil Paintings/Pastels of Local Scenes and Still Life)

You are cordially invited to attend an art exhibit and “Meet and Greet”

Where: Essex Library Association–Program Room and Main Floor, 33 West Avenue, Essex, Connecticut 06426
When: November 3 to November 29, 2014 for the Art Exhibit
Hours: Library Hours (Please check for hours 860.767.1560)


“Meet and Greet” Reception for Daniel S. Dahlstrom

When: November 8, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 1:30-3:00pm in the Program Room

Light Refreshments will be Served! Public is invited!
Hope you can attend!

Essex Library, Essex, Connecticut

Poem by Yeats:

The White Birds
William Butler Yeats (June 13, 1865 to January 28, 1939)

I WOULD that we were, my beloved, white birds on the foam of the sea!
We tire of the flame of the meteor, before it can fade and flee;
And the flame of the blue star of twilight, hung low on the rim of the sky,
Has awaked in our hearts, my beloved, a sadness that may not die.
A weariness comes from those dreamers, dew-dabbled, the lily and rose;
Ah, dream not of them, my beloved, the flame of the meteor that goes,
Or the flame of the blue star that lingers hung low in the fall of the dew:
For I would we were changed to white birds on the wandering foam: I and you!
I am haunted by numberless islands, and many a Danaan shore,
Where Time would surely forget us, and Sorrow come near us no more;
Soon far from the rose and the lily and fret of the flames would we be,
Were we only white birds, my beloved, buoyed out on the foam of the sea!

Thought for today…..


Wishing you a good one!

Us–Nancy (the blogger) and Dan (the artist)

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