A Poem “Beach Umbrellas” by Robin Rumbolt and “Yellow and Red Umbrella” an Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom

Hi all,

Today is a very snowy, cold and totally, typical New England day–definitely not a beach day, but decided to post a painting much more suited to summer–“Yellow and Red Umbrellas.”

"Yellow and Red Umbrellas" an oil painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom

We spent a wonderful summer’s day at this beautiful Massachusetts park, and enjoyed our afternoon on this awesome beach—so summer with the beach umbrellas, grasses, pathways and sailboats. This was a painting waiting to happen, and thus began the inspiration for “Yellow and Red Umbrellas”. It conjures up childhood memories of napping under the umbrella and playing in the sand and watching the sailboats—happy, carefree days—lazy, hazy, crazy summer days (something like that).

I found a very appropriate poem by Robin Rumbolt about beach umbrellas…hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Beach Umbrellas

A kaleidoscope of color sprouting from the sand;

A most unusual bouquet dotted across the land;

Each one could tell a story, the tiny and the grand.

Mine seems so mundane amongst the prints and stripes;

I never before noticed the varieties and the types,

Anchored in the sand with their little pipes.

They came from far and wide to stand upon this beach;

Sentinels in the wind defying sunburn’s reach;

If each one could speak, I wonder what they’d teach.

by Robin Rumbolt

Wishing you a good one!

Us...Nancy (the blogger) and Dan (the artist)

Us...Nancy (the blogger) and Dan (the artist)

P.S. This painting is on display/available at Artisans Harbor, Main St, Old Saybrook, CT as of 1/23/2014. Please stop in and check out the gallery…wonderful items on display and wonderful staff!

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