Inspiration for the oil painting “The Gate” (Weir Farm) and Town and Country Nurseries in Haddam, Connecticut and The Gilded Lily Gallery in Milford, Connecticut

Artist Studio on Weir Farm

Artist Studio on Weir Farm

“Artist Studio on Weir Farm” a Fine Art Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom

'The Gate" (Weir Farm)
“The Gate” (Weir Farm) a Fine Art Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom

Julian Alden Weir, an American Painter, (1852-1919) helped found The Ten American Painters. Two of his friends Childe Hassam and John

Twachtman also were involved setting up this group. J. Alden Weir’s home (the farm) was a place that the artists congregated at and

created their art in a quiet and peaceful environment.

The farm is located in Wilton, Connecticut and is part of the National Park Service, and is the only National Park devoted to American

painting. Many artists come here to contemplate and create their masterpieces, and Dan is one of them. It is a favorite place of his to

set up his easel or to photograph and finish the piece in his studio. It is a beautiful and pastoral site-you leave the stress and noise

of this century behind as you enter the property, and you can sense the artistic expression that took place here and is still happening!

Dan was walking on the road, by the farm, checking out sites looking for a scene that is inspiring him-talking to him so to speak. And

as he looked down the path through the gate, he liked the way your eye took you through the gate into the two connecting fields and out

to the woods-good flow or good composition.  And spring was bursting out all over. This was definitely the painting to end up on his

canvas-no usage of the palette knife with this painting; just heavy on-lay of paint.

“The Gate” (Weir Farm, CT) is on display and available at Town and Country Nurseries, 1036 Saybrook Road, Haddam, CT 06438 and their phone number is: 860.345.8581. For the holiday season, Town and Country has an artisans display set-up on the second floor. Hope you get a chance to stop by and do some of your holiday shopping with them. Their facebook page”

Thought you might enjoy this poem about a farm:

The Old Farm by O. Henry

<em>Just now when the whitening blossoms flare
On the apple trees and the growing grass
Creeps forth, and a balm is in the air;
With my lighted pipe and well-filled glass
Of the old farm I am dreaming,
And softly smiling, seeming
To see the bright sun beaming
Upon the old home farm.

And when I think how we milked the cows,
And hauled the hay from the meadows low;
And walked the furrows behind the plows,
And chopped the cotton to make it grow
I’d much rather be here dreaming
And smiling, only seeming
To see the hot sun gleaming
Upon the old home farm.

O. Henry , an American writer, was born William Sidney Porter, on September 11, 1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina and died in New York City on June 5, 1910 at the age of 47. His pen names were O. Henry and Oliver Henry.

Wishing you an awesome one on this snowy New England day!

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Us...Nancy, the blogger and Dan, the artist

Us...Nancy, the blogger and Dan, the artist

Note: The oil painting “The Gate” (Weir Farm), as of May 28, 2014, is on display at The Gilded Lily Gallery in Milford, Connecticut. Great place to check out!

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