“Meigs Point” (Madison, CT) an oil painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, Connecticut Artist and Bit of History Regarding Meigs Point

"Meigs Point" (Madison, CT)
“Meigs Point” (Madison, CT)-oil painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, Connecticut Artist

Hi all,

Another beautiful Fall day in Connecticut…hummingbirds are gone….time for the feeders to come down.

Today have posted “Meigs Point” (Madison, CT) —-spot that Dan and I love to go to, especially this time of year. The beaches get less crowded and the locals emerge and take walks on the beach or just plop down on a blanket and let the cares of the day evaporate.

Meigs Point is part of the Meigs Point Beach in Hammonasset State Park in Madison, Connecticut. Hammonasset Beach is the largest shoreline park, with over 2 miles of beach to walk  and explore or just relax-take a nap or read a good book.  Also, picnic area, camping, place to bike, and a great boardwalk. Perfect spot to spend the day, and Madison is a quaint, historic town with nice shops and restaurants and places to stay.

You will also find here the Meigs Point Nature Center with many interesting creatures and crawly things housed here. And displaying exhibitions of local habitat–it really is a good place to bring the kids or yourselves

Years ago, Meigs Point was actually called Meigs Island at Hammonasset Point and overtime the name changed -even though it was incorrect. On this piece of property, the first recording of a house was the Meigs Island Farmhouse around the year 1828.  At one time, Daniel Meigs may have been the owner, but in 1828 the owner was J.W. Hand. Mr. Hand leased the property to Selan Wilcox. The property (in 1847) encompassed a house, two barns, 100 acres of land, Willard’s Island, which consisted of nine acres, and this was sold to A.O. Wilcox and S.H. Scranton, along with fishing rights.

In 1924, Meigs Point became a tourist destination, with 12 canvas bungalows; which were rented at $15 weekly. The bungalows were eventually replaced with cabins–no longer have cabins on the property, but a lovely camping facility. Many moons ago, I camped there, and it was wonderful walking the beach at night and early in the morning. Total solitude, well for a little while anyways…eventually everyone awoke and headed to the beach.

View of Meigs Point in Madison, CT

View of Meigs Point in Madison, Ct

Wishing you a good one!

Dan, the artist and Nancy, the blogger

Us...Dan and Nancy

Us...Dan and Nancy

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