Inspiration–What Inspires an Artist? Where Do We Find Inspiration? What Inspires You?

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Gorgeous August day in Connecticut–very inspirational kind of day. Air is clean and sweet smelling, after the rain, and some of the leaves are turning–yellows are mixed in with the greens. Dan loves painting the combination of green mixed with fall colors peeking through the branches. The days are getting shorter making one want to start hunkering down, and school is starting–I can hear the Moms celebrating.

What is the definition of inspiration–“Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of activity or feeling, The condition of being so stimulated, One that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention, A sudden creative idea or act, The quality of exalting or inspiring, Diving influence or guidance exerted directly on the mind and soul of man” (According to Webster’s II Dictionary).

You will find three paintings in this blog regarding the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat. Dan was involved in an Art Exhibit depicting scenes of the railroad and the boat, and the start of an artist’s inspiration can just be meeting the guidelines of a show. But somewhere along the way, you have to be inspired to produce something that makes you artistically pleased. In November, there will be another art exhibit at the Valley Railroad property, and Dan has decided to capture a red shed on his canvas, and perhaps another painting of the riverboat.

The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat is an historic and beautiful tourist destination. It is a two and a half hour narrated trip that begins at the historic Essex Train Station built in 1892. You actually ride in vintage railroad cars pulled by a steam locomotive-the real deal! Then the Becky Thatcher Riverboat meets the train at Deep River Landing, and from there you embark on a one and quarter hour cruise along the beautiful Connecticut River. From the boat you see Gillette Castle and the Goodspeed Opera House-both interesting tourist destinations, and the local population also enjoys these sights and musical shows on a regular basis. We are going to take this ride, and Dan is looking to get inspired to create a Connecticut River composition. This is a spectacular ride in the Fall–can hardly wait.

Oil Painting of “The Becky Thatcher Riverboat” (Deep River Landing-Connecticut River) Fine Art by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, Chester, CT Artist

The following paintings were conceived at the Chester Crossing–a small building depicts where the Chester Station once was. If you look very closely you can see Dan left off a letter on the sign, and he, of course, will be fixing it. When we went down to the crossing, the train was actually coming down the tracks, and Dan was very busy photographing it. I am sure it was an amusing sight to the passengers, because I was busy telling him to be careful. If you look closely, you can see the engine smoke billowing up through the Fall Foliage—just love that!

Oil Painting “At Chester” (Connecticut) Fine Art by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, Chester, Connecticut Artist

Oil Painting “Autumn Train” (Essex Steam Train) Fine Art by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, Chester, Connecticut Artist

Throughout the afternoon, I had been listening to the wonderful sound of the train whistle. During the holiday season, the engineers have been known to play seasonal tunes on the whistle. It is a sad day, when the train is put away for the season, and the calling of the whistle is quiet for a time. We don’t live far from the river and the train tracks–always fun to watch the train pass and wave to the passengers. Perhaps one day, you will come to Connecticut and go for that ride on the tracks and the river–you will just love it! Who knows–the Connecticut River could be your inspiration too, as it is Dan’s muse.

Wishing you a good one,

US--the artist, Dan and the blogger, Nancy

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