“Patio” Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom and Inspiration Found in John Henry Twatchman’s Art

Where does the artist get his or her inspiration? That is always the start of a creative process, whatever the medium the artist is involved in–that inspiration can come from an artist who lived a long time ago, and his art is still inspiring us. This is the case of John Henry Twatchman (1853-1902), and the art that he created.

Twatchman lived in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1889 and his inspiration came from his own garden and house, which found their way into some of his work. Dan has actually done the same thing. In the painting, “Patio” some of the flowers and greenery came from our garden, and a bouquet that he put together for me, and ended up in his studio as a subject for his creation.

In Twatchman’s painting, “Meadow Flowers” there is a looseness of design and the floral and greenery seem to come through a haze, which Dan was drawn to as he applied paint to his own canvas–the image is sharp in front and fades back into the garden. This is causing the garden to be a backdrop (supporting actor), and the flowers in the vase as the leading lady.

You can see in the first image of the painting, the blocking out process and in the second image where the journey ended–a very nice ending to the journey.

John Henry Twatchman was considered to be one of the “American Impressionist” that strayed from the French Impressionism—he basically did his own thing by taking from the French style what he liked and his finished product was more of a free and direct application of paint.

John Henry Twachtman-Meadow Flowers

Blocking out of "Patio"
Finished Oil Painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom

Funny Camel from a Commercial

Our Picture

Our Picture

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