“Favorite Things”-Elected Artist Members’ Show at the Essex Art Association in Essex, Connecticut

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Dan has (3) pieces in this show–“Favorite Things”. He is an Elected Artist in the Essex Art Association. The exhibit runs from June 1st until June 22, 2013. During this show Renni Ridgeway-Kormeyer is featured in the Exit Gallery~~”Seeing the Light.”

One of the oil paintings that Dan has on exhibit is “The Leaning Tree.” And this is one of his favorites.

“Leaning Tree” was going to be his subject and inspiration because of the unusual angle of the tree reaching to the Connecticut River, and the light hitting the beach. Across the Connecticut River, the grasses were also being touched by the sunlight, and setting up a compelling composition. The flow of the water is bringing the viewer into the painting, around the bend, and across the river to the sunlight.

In this piece, the chroma is cool in the background of the hills, and turning slightly warmer in the nearest hill. Even though the sky appears to be cloudy, there actually was some blue sky (not visible in the painting), and this created the beach to be sunlit.

His technique was done exclusively with a brush, and again with heavy application of paint. The color palette was of grays and blues with a touch of warmth by adding a medium yellow earth tone. Because it is such a neutral palette, this piece of art will go with any decor, and it will bring a sense of peace and serenity to an office or home. The limited use of color creates a cohesiveness.

“Leaning Tree” is framed in a traditional ¬†gold leaf frame, and this work becomes a very typical New England style painting, but will fit in with any decor. The energy of this composition is one of serenity, peace and calmness.

Us--Dan (the artist) and Nancy (the blogger)

Hope you get a chance to view the exhibit at the Essex Art Association—know that you will enjoy the Members’ Show.
Take care,
Dan and Nancy

Essex Art Association

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Dan’s website: www.danielsdahlstromartist.com

Always feel free to contact us with any questions, happy to be of assistance.

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