“White Lily” (oil painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom) in honor of Mother’s Day

"White Lily" (oil painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom)

"White Lily" (oil painting by Daniel S. Dahlstrom)

Hi all and Happy Mother’s Day,

Dan’s oil painting of “White Lily” represents Mother’s Day and any special occasion to mark serenity and peace.

The inspiration for “White Lily” came from last year’s Easter bouquet, given as a present and then taken away for a still life rendering. Dan came into the dining room (bouquet was on dining room table), and saw that the light was hitting the flowers just right. The studio is right off the dining room, so he set up to paint and capture that light, and the intensity and details of that simple flower. The white flower against the dark greens gave the composition its’ depth of contrast, along with the light. And to complete the process, at the appropriate drying time, the canvas was varnished. This pops the darks even more against lighter color values in a composition.
“White Lily” was on display in a juried show with the Essex Garden Club and Essex Art Association last fall. We were very excited about that-Dan is an elected artist with the Essex Art Association.
“White Lily” is available at Design Essence, Main Street, Old Saybrook,
Connecticut. Stop in and say hello–interesting and beautiful store.
Take care,
Dan (artist) and Nancy (blogger)


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