“Roses on the Kitchen Table”-Perfect for Valentine’s Day and Cottage Whimsey in Old Saybrook, CT

"Roses on the Kitchen Table"

"Roses on the Kitchen Table"

Hi all,                                                                                                                                                                                                           This original oil painting of “Roses on the Kitchen Table” was inspired by a still life class,
and Dan felt that the flowers looked as if they were picked by his grandmother from her garden, and
placed in a glass bottle on her kitchen table-so this scene brought back memories of his childhood.
When you look at this painting, don’t you feel as if you have been transported back in time to an old
fashioned kitchen?
This painting was strictly composed by using the palette knife-giving the roses strength of color and
depth and richness of chroma. Dan’s goal was to create a very old world feeling with this rendering of
the flowers. You can really see the depth of the palette knife strokes, and the dimension added to the
Cottage Whimsey

Cottage Whimsey

“Roses on the Kitchen Table” is available at Cottage Whimsey, which is an awesome decorating/design center-beautiful fabrics, wallpaper books and window treatments and wonderful service.
They are right across the street from Dairy Queen in Old Saybrook on 1333 Boston Post Road. Phone number: 860.395-0636.
Dan also has other pieces on display at Cottage Whimsey. Please stop in and say hello and see for yourself, and perhaps consider art as the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!
Us-Dan and Nancy

Us-Dan and Nancy

Take care,
Dan (artist) and Nancy (blogger)

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