“Order in Chaos” Art Show at Essex Art Association in Essex, Connecticut and Inspiration for this Show

Sunset, Madison

"Sunset, Madison"

"Chester Church"

"Chester Church"

Essex Art Association, Essex, CT

Essex Art Association, Essex, CT

Hi All,    The original oil paintings “Sunset, Madison” and “Chester Church ” are currently on display and for sale at the Essex Art Association Show located in Essex, CT at 10 North Main St. The show is running from 8/24-9/15/2012. Please check their website for details www.essexartassociation.com and the phone number is: 860.767.8996.

“Order in Chaos” was left up to the artist’s interpretation through his work, and Daniel (Dan) felt that religion can help a person achieve some sense of order in their life-following a doctrine, beliefs, and the community and support of church.

“Chester Church” is an oil painting of the United Church of Chester, Connecticut, which was founded in 1941 by the unification of two churches in Chester. One was the Congregational Church of Chester, founded in 1740 and the other was the Baptist Church of Chester, founded in 1822. The United Church of Chester is an “open and affirming” church, and is located not too far away from our house.

Dan has done several commissioned pieces of the church, and on a particular spring day the church was  very atmospheric and mystical, and he felt that this composition was the right one for a painting. It seemed to be reaching from  the white, blossomed  flowering trees toward the heavens through a white veil. The steeple was presenting in a serene, surreal fashion, and he captured that moment on his canvas.

“Sunset, Madison”-nature is always a grounding force for Dan. He feels that painting the nature around him is his music-“The Symphony of Nature.” There is an order to Mother Nature, and a sunset represents end of day-time to rest and be at peace-“Order in Chaos.”

Inspiration for this painting came from one of our trips-exploring the lower Connecticut River Valley, and we decided to visit Hammonasett Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut. The park is the largest shoreline park with 2 miles of beach. Great place to walk, bike, camp, swim or just relax and watch the birds and sea.  The creek is at the entrance to the park, and we were mesmerized by the colors of the sunset over the water. Camera time and thoughts of a painting and the birth of “Sunset, Madison” began on that evening. (Technique for this painting is heavy outlay of color and paint with the artist’s palette knife-this adds to the depth of the painting).

“Hammonasset” means, “where we dig holes in the ground” and refers to the place where a settlement of eastern woodland Indians farmed along the Hammonasset River. They subsisted on corn, beans, and squash, and by fishing and hunting. The first colonists arrived in 1639. Property changed hands frequently between Native Americans and the first colonists, and this was quoted from the state’s website.

We like to research the history of places that Dan paints-it seems to add to the purpose and inspiration of the art, and this endeavor is coming more into focus as time goes on.

If you get a chance, please check out the Essex Art Association and “Order in Chaos” and the beautiful town of Essex, Connecticut.

Take care….

Dan (artist) and Nancy (author of Blog)

website: http://www.danielsdahlstromartist.com and blog site http://www.danielsdahlstromartist.com/blog/

Facebook Page Site: www.facebook.com/daniel.dahlstrom.92

Paintings are also for sale on Yessy.com

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