Tea Haunt Canvas Located in Hartford, Connecticut, Original Oil Paintings by Daniel S. Dahlstrom, and Inspiration

Tea Haunt Canvas, Trumbull St., Hartford, CT

Tea Haunt Canvas, Trumbull St., Hartford, CT

Hi All,

Are you wondering what Tea Haunt Canvas is all about? Good question and I have the answer right from the owner and artist in her own right, Parvin Pooya ‘s words.

Quoted from the brochure of Tea Haunt Canvas:

Who we are:    Tea is our passion and Art is our life. We have now opened our doors for Art gurus and Tea drinkers alike. Come and relax at our exquisite gallery while we serve you a wide array of delicious pastries to accompany our exotic Persian teas. We offer a serene environment in a beautiful space where everyone is welcome to take a moment and reflect. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance ideal to leave your daily stress behind and to calm your spirit. This is a great location for students who enjoy peace while studying or researching with the FREE WIFI.

What we do:  We offer a spacious venue where local artists display their work to the people who share the same admiration for the world of art. As part of the Hartford community, we would like to bring originality and creativity to the art scene. For us, art and tea is a great way to bring people together. We also welcome our space for your business meetings and special events.

And so we ended up, so to speak, on Parvin’s doorstep to check her place out, and we were very pleasantly surprised with her graciousness, hospitality, and her art-not to mention what awesome tea. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and loved having the opportunity to showcase some of Dan’s work there. The gallery and tea house is located at 242 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT 06103. The phone number and website are as follows:  860.278.7904 and www.Teahauntcanvas.com-please take a look see and find out what they are all about.



“Flight” is one of the original oil paintings on exhibit and for sale at Tea Haunt Canvas-love the movement of the seagull and the swirling waters. You can almost hear the gull crying out as it takes off from the rocks and navigates toward the open seas-freedom of flight. The movement of the water, gull and flight was the inspiration for this painting-capturing this feeling on canvas.

The following poem is from the Facebook page of Tea Haunt Canvas-there are poetry reading events at the gallery. Just check the Facebook page for upcoming events.

I feel sad,

I feel blue.

I go outside and rub my cold fingers-

on the sleek shell of the silent night.

I see that all lights of contact are dark,

All lanes to relate us- are blocked.

Nobody will introduce me to the sun,

Nobody will take me- to the gathering of doves.

Keep the flight in mind,

The bird may die.

Forough Farokhzad(1935-1967)

Pettipaug Yacht Club, Essex, CT

"Pettipaug Yacht Club, Essex, CT

On a September morning, this painting was started “en plein air” (in the open air), and finished in the studio, but final tweaking was done on location.  Dan loves when the colors of fall foliage begins-greens mixed in with yellows, gold, orange and red.

This painting location is on the grounds of the Pettipaug Yacht Club in Essex, Connecticut, and permission is required to go on the property-private club. It is also a Sailing Academy-where you can learn dinghy sailing and shell rowing on the Connecticut River. Years ago, we would take our lab, Sheba, for a walk on the property (it is such a beautiful spot)-we did this when the club was closed for the season. Sheba loved her walks there-lots to do for a dog-things to chase and places to explore. The website for the club is: www.pettipaug.com and you can see for yourself.

At one time, Essex, Connecticut was originally called Saybrook, Connecticut. Another name for Essex, Connecticut was Pettipaug Point, which meant the spreading cove or inlet from the Connecticut River. (Where the Pettipaug Yacht Club happens to be).

During the war of 1812, Essex, Connecticut was known as Pettipaug Neck. The harbor was a safe place for American Privateers. This was the area that the British forces raided-the harbor in April of 1814, and completely destroyed the shipyard. This raid was the greatest American loss of ships of the entire war.

One of our favorite things to do (Dan and me) is to explore and research the history of his painting sites-a perk of living in New England. There is so much history here-history that I was not interested in as a kid, but now I cannot get enough of it. This must be a side effect of age-learning about the past and bringing it into the now.

Please visit Tea Haunt Canvas in Hartford. There is an event coming up on Friday evening, August 31st-“Qualities of Chromatic Colors”: the night for discussion of warm color and cold color, complementary colors and their saturation and qualities in our art work and daily life” quoted by Tea Haunt Canvas. You can find them on the web or Facebook.

Let us know if you ended up in there, and how much you enjoyed it.

Take care,

Dan (artist) and Nancy (author of Blog)

Our website: http://www.danielsdahlstromartist.com and of course our blog is http://www.danielsdahlstromartist.com/blog/

And we are also on Facebook and Pinterest.

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