“Yellow Boat” an original oil painting and Artisans Harbor in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

"Yellow Boat"

Hi All,

Dan was wandering around the Harvy Beach Area in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and came upon the “yellow boat.” This boat apparently has been in this same spot for many years-a landmark of sorts. So many people when they see the painting comment-“Oh, the yellow boat-have seen it for years”.

It was fun doing a painting of this subject. One never really has to venture too far away from home to find something interesting to paint or photograph.

The day that Dan was at the beach was cloudy and grey with the sun peeking out once in awhile, and the tide heading out. Soon it was going to be low tide, and the water becomes very interesting at low tide.

Inspiration for “Yellow Boat” came from various directions-pink to purple bits of green in the clouds, and the yellow aged boat showing signs of rotting wood, but actually appeared as character lines (like the lines showing up in an older and dignified face). Of course, Dan is always drawn to reflections-the reflections in the water highlighting the post and boat, which made interesting values to be applied to canvas, and the reflections of the colors in the clouds added to this value. The yellow of the boat just popped against the backdrop, and you are drawn into the painting by this subject.

Artisans Harbor on Main Street in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

“Yellow Boat” is on display and for sale at Artisans Harbor, Main St, Old Saybrook, CT. Please stop in and say hello to Cheryl Powell, the owner, and check out all the interesting and beautiful pieces of art for sale. And Old Saybrook is a great place to visit, make a day trip, or even a week-end excursion, and be sure to dine at one of the great restaurants in town.

Have a good one and take care!

Dan (artist) and Nancy (author of Blog)

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