New Original Oil Painting “Shadows and Light” and Art Show at the Hyland House Museum in Guilford, Connecticut

"Hyland House Museum" in Guilford, Connecticut

Hi all, We are very excited to be part of the Connecticut Shoreline Artists (CTSA). They paint “en plein air” around the shoreline and one of their sites is the Hyland House.  Dan has been a member of CTSA for a few months, and is looking forward to continuing this relationship.

“Shadows and Light” is a view from the backyard of the Hyland House, and the play of the shadows and lights is what inspired Dan to do a painting. He started “en plein air” and finished in his studio working from his photographs. He always photographs the sites so that he has documentation of the light, weather conditions, and color palette. Quite a bit of this piece was done with the palette knife giving the painting depth of field.

An art show (art provided by CTSA)  is being held at the Hyland House Museum, 84 Boston Street, Guilford, Connecticut from July 9 to July 27. There will be a reception on Friday, July 13 from 4-6pm, which will be very nice. “Shadows and Light” is on exhibit at this show.

As you can tell from the photo, this is a very old historic house with a very interesting history, and maybe a ghost or two. A paranormal team from Veils Eye Paranormal did a little look-see with gadgets  to recorder and tape. You can see what they were up to on You Tube-just search Hyland House paranormal and you are there. The team did have some interesting and maybe a  little scary stuff happen–voices, scratching, orbs (balls of light) showing up in photographs, creaking bed, and a rocking chair making rocking noises. Remind me not to be in the house when there is a thunderstorm with lots of lightning, and perhaps no power-not gonna do it!

Little history on the house, the Hyland House was built (circa 1690-1710) by George Hyland, who was a sheep herder and had twenty to thirty acres of land; which is now part of the beautiful Guilford Green. The house became a museum in 1918 through the efforts of some very feisty ladies-the “original Dorothies, who were the founding fathers (ladies) of the Dorothy Whitfield Historic Society, and the current caretakers of the Hyland House Museum. The house was going to be demolished in 1916, and they did not want Guilford to lose this important piece of history. S0 they raised enough money to purchase the home, and now it is a living historical piece of early colonial life and architecture. And through the efforts of CTSA, the artwork also helps to preserve a bit of history by documenting landmarks through art.

In the 1600’s, funeral homes did not exist, and the deceased were waked in their own homes, and you can see evidence of this in the Hyland House. On the side of the house is a door that was used to transport the coffins in and out of the house. If the winter was too harsh (the ground could not be dug up), the bodies were placed in the root cellar. I wonder whose job it was to get the potatoes from the cellar, and Uncle Harry was lying around in the cellar-wouldn’t be mine!

We hope that you will make a trip to the museum (check out things for yourself), and enjoy the artwork. (Let us know if you see or hear something out of the ordinary.)

Take care,

Dan and Nancy (written by Nancy)

"Shadows and Light"

"Shadows and Light"

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