Interview for “Better Connecticut” Channel 3 (WFSB) and Design Essence in June 2012

Melissa Cole

Melissa Cole-Channel 3 (WFSB)

Hi All,

In June, we were interviewed by Melissa Cole, a reporter from Channel 3 WFSB for the TV show “Better Connecticut.”

“Better Connecticut” is a lifestyle show to help you to have a Better Home, Better Family and Better Life right here in Connecticut”. A quote from their facebook page, and the hosts are Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney, and at times other personalities. It is a fun and informative show, and we were delighted to be on the program.

The premise of our June segment was how local business use social media, especially Pinterest. We teamed up with Jan Blonder, owner/designer of Design Essence located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and posted vignettes onto the boards of Pinterest. Some of Dan’s paintings are on display and for sale in Jan’s unique and beautiful store, and I thought it would be interesting to showcase why Jan placed Dan’s paintings in the spots that she did.

We (Dan, myself and Jan)were interviewed for about two hours by Melissa, and the segment ended up being three minutes and eighteen seconds, and during this time Steve (cameraman and editor) captured the essence of what was discussed. We were very pleased with the outcome of our interview-Channel 3 did an awesome job. Melissa has a very generous attitude and made us very comfortable, so that we had fun and a really good time. And we were honored to have been on the show, and to have Dan’s art showcased in this manner. We hope that you get a chance to see the tape–you can access it through

You can find information regarding the paintings on other blogs: “The Bell Collector’s Farm” on and the “Seashell from the Great Barrier Reef” on

We are sending Channel 3 and Melissa a big thank you for taking the time with us and giving us this special opportunity.

Hope that you are able to view the segment, and let us know what you think. Welcome your feed-back.

Link to segment on Better Connecticut can be found on our facebook page:

Have a good one and take care,

Dan and Nancy (written by Nancy)

"Seashell from the Great Barrier Reef" and the Vignette in Design Essence

"Seashell from the Great Barrier Reef" and the Vignette in Design Essence

"The Bell Collector's Farm" and the Vignette at Design Essence

"The Bell Collector's Farm" and the Vignette at Design Essence

Dan photographing in Design Essence

Dan photographing in Design Essence

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