A commissioned piece-“The Village”

The Village-Commissioned Piece

The Village-Commissioned Piece

Hi All,

This was a very exciting venture and adventure that we undertook. Several months ago, Dan received a phone call from an author, and he had seen Dan’s website and wanted to discuss a book cover with him. The story line revolved around a New England village and “stuff” that happened in this quaint little town-and this was to be a village that existed in Dan’s head, and what the author wanted to convey on the book jacket. You are not going to find this village, because it does not exist on the map.

So meetings were held, phone calls were made, sketches were produced and the made -up village took shape and began its’ life. The rendering had to show the traditional congregational church, winding road, a town green, well kept yards, colonial homes, and people milling around-all during fall. Also, there had to be a tree all decked out in its’ fall finery. The book jacket needed to look the part of the typical New England small town, in the fall, harboring things going on behind closed doors.

As the painting evolved, the village became alive, and it started to feel as if it really did exist, and it does in the author’s prose. And we became very excited about seeing the art, on a book cover on a library shelf-longings for fame, which turned out wasn’t going to happen. The marketing people decided to go in a different direction, and the village only exists as a framed painting, and in our creative minds.

Maybe someday Dan will be commissioned to do another book jacket, and this time it will actually make it to press. We did have fun doing it, and I wonder about this New England village-how the inhabitants are doing.

Take care…

Dan and Nancy D. (written by Nancy)

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