Designer Tip from Design Essence, Old Saybrook, CT and Two Original Floral Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings "White Flowers in Blue Vase" and "White Hydrangeas in Vase" and their placement in Design Essence, Main St, Old Saybrook, CT

Oil Paintings "White Flowers in Blue Vase" and "White Hydrangeas in Vase" and their placement in Design Essence

Hi all,

Have you thought about a painting as a Mother’s Day gift? Well, I do have a suggestion.

Some of Dan’s paintings are at a beautiful store-Design Essence, 100 Main St, Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The owner and designer of the shop is Jan Blonder, and Jan has been suggesting design tips with the placement of Dan’s paintings-perhaps her ideas will help with the execution of your own design ideas.

“White Flowers in a Blue Vase” is in a very traditional gold style frame, 11″ x 14″ and “White Hydrangeas in Vase” is in a black and gold frame, 8″ x 10″-and you can see how well these frames work with the fabric.

Per Jan, “Damask fabric feels very traditional even done in a bold new way in today’s colors and textures. So what better companion, on the wall, than the traditional vase with flowers”. And Dan and I felt that his artwork looked awesome paired with the chair and black table (peeking out at you).

We (Dan and Jan-sounds like a singing duo) will be changing the paintings around and placing them with other furniture–just so you can see how art changes the mood of a place and you, and also, how many different ways you can utilize artwork.

Please stop in and visit Design Essence, Jan will be happy to show you around and answer any of your design questions or help with your design/decorating needs. Perhaps help you with your Mother’s Day selection.

Have a good one and take care,

Dan and Nancy

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