“Sky and Water” an Impressionistic Original Oil Painting and Design Tip from Design Essence in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Original Oil Painting "Sky and Water"

Original Oil Painting "Sky and Water"

"Sky and Water" matched with a chair at Design Essence

“Sky and Water” matched with a cushion at Design Essence, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Hi all,

We have another decorating/design tip from Jan Blonder, owner/designer of Design Essence, 100 Main St, Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Dan has several of his art pieces on display and for sale at this interesting shop, and we thought it would be fun to let you in on some designer secrets-why Jan paired his paintings with her furniture and color palettes.

“Sky and Water” is a little different from what Dan usually paints. He did his Abstract Impressionistic rendering of this composition.

Per Jan, “This somewhat impressionistic piece keeps wonderful company with a strong Sunbrella stripe of compatible hues for the beginning of a sophisticated coastal theme”.

You can just picture this set of chairs (there are two) on a porch at your special, beach house or on your enclosed sun porch at an inland house-and part of your decorating scheme-the painting (“Sky and Water”).

The colors work perfectly with each other, and you end up with a special, beautiful spot to relax in and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and a good book to wile away the hours.

Perfect-don’t you think?

And if you get a chance, stop in and say hello to Jan-she would love to meet you and help you with your decorating ideas. Design Essence is “Where the Unique is Everyday.”

Take care and have  a good one.

Dan and Nancy

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