“Lilies on the River I” an original oil painting and decorating tip from Design Essence, Old Saybrook, CT

"Lilies on the River II"

"Lilies on the River I"

Original Oil Painting "Lilies on the River" displayed and for sale at Design Essence, Main St., Old Saybrook, CT

Original Oil Painting “Lilies on the River” displayed and for sale at Design Essence, Main St., Old Saybrook, CT

Hi all,

Today I am going to discuss the inspiration for the painting “Lilies on the River”, and the placement of the painting in Design Essence-a beautiful shop in Old Saybrook, CT-just a little decorating tip from Jan Blonder. Jan is the owner/designer of Design Essence.

On a late June day, in the early morning misty hours, we headed to the Connecticut River so that Dan could photograph. The mist in the air presented a painting in the making.

When we arrived there was a haze over the water, with an interesting glow in the background. We were standing on the banks of the Chester Creek, which led out to the majestic Connecticut River, at the site of the Chester Marina. The light glow behind created the trees to be in silhouette, which was adding to the start of a good composition for a painting. The orange lilies, growing wild on the banks of the river, popped against this atmospheric backdrop.

Dan’s inspiration for “Lilies on the River I and II” actually came from his mother, who was an artist in her own right. And she loved to paint flowers, especially wild lilies, which grow in meadows and along the roadsides of Connecticut.

Two paintings were produced as a result of this trip to the river-“Lilies on the River I” was a study for a very large rendering-“Lilies on the River II”, which sold at an Artist Reception. It went to a very good home-“Lilies on the River I” is still looking for a home and can be viewed at Design Essence.

Let’s discuss choice of colors (chroma)-the palette for the sky consisted of warmer browns to yellow with touches of grey. The grey was used to simplify and soften the richness of the other colors. You could see the chroma of the sky reflecting in the river waters, and contrasting with the warm colors in the water, and cool greens of the landscape. All of these elements were contributing to the composition and creation of the painting, and the mystery being evoked in nature, and eventually captured on canvas.

Jan positioned the painting in that particular location in her unique store because “this beautiful slice of nature looks great with lots of foliage around, and plays well off of leather and textured fabrics, and nature themed pillows. ┬áThe tufted sofa is a combination of leather and two fabrics, for multiple looks created by reversing the cushions and pillows” stated Jan, the designer. How cool is this!

Design Essence, Inc-Interior Design and Retail Studio is located at 100 Main St., Old Saybrook, CT and their website is www.designessenceinteriors.com

At this interesting store “the unique is everyday.” Hope you can stop by and say hello.

Have a good one and take care…

Dan and Nancy (written by Nancy)

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