Middlesex Chamber of Commerce and Meeting in Essex, CT at Valley Railroad

Calm on the Connecticut River

Calm on the Connecticut River

Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, Middletown, Ct

Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, Middletown, CT

We are members of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, which is housed in Middletown, Connecticut and covers Middlesex County. This organization was founded in October of 1895 and has a membership of over 2,350, which employs over 50,000 people. The president of the chamber is Larry McHugh. Recently a divisional breakfast meeting was held at the Valley Railroad in Essex, Connecticut. As always, it was very informative and a great chance to network with other local businesses-we consider Dan’s art, a local business.

The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat is an historic and beautiful tourist destination. It is a two and a half hour, narrated trip that begins at the historic Essex Train Station built in 1892. You actually ride in vintage railroad cars pulled by a steam locomotive-the real deal.

Then the Becky Thatcher riverboat meets the train at Deep River Landing, and from there you embark on a one and quarter hour cruise along the beautiful Connecticut River. From the boat you see Gillette Castle and the Goodspeed Opera House-both interesting tourist destinations, and the local population enjoys these sights and musical shows on a regular basis.

This area is Dan’s inspiration to create his paintings-the Connecticut River and other waterways near this river or Long Island Sound. He constantly is painting these views, and they change from season to season and even time of day. There is always something to see on the rivers.

His next painting just might be the steam train coming down the track through the trees, and the smoke billowing all around the train-like a bridal veil. He photographed the train coming down the track-as I sat in the car wondering if he is in harm’s way. I must say it is a great shot, and will make an awesome painting. Hopefully, that is next on his list.

Have a good one and take care,

Dan and Nancy

Falls River, Essex

Falls River, Essex

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