“June Flowers at Beavertail State Park” and How the Park Got Its’ Name

"June Flowers at Beavertail State Park"

"June Flowers at Beavertail State Park"

Hi All,

Have you wondered how someplace, street or building got its’ name. Well, I pondered upon that question regarding Beavertail State Park located in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Dan and I  thought what a strange name-probably not to a beaver-and now we know the source of the name. Simple answer-the shape.

“June Flowers at Beavertail State Park” was inspired by the gorgeous day, flowers, waves, light and shapes of  the beautiful, flat tumbled rocks. Dan and I frequently go on drives to discover paintings waiting to happen, and we were prepared for that-camera, sketch pad, and “stuff” for “plein air painting”, and a book and magazines for my pleasure in the car. And of course, napping time-Dan can be gone for a very long time, and a fully charged phone is important so I can call him and ask “Are you done yet.” Sometimes that is the wrong thing to say to an artist-can make them cranky, actually very cranky! So on this June day we headed to Rhode Island; just letting the day dictate where we were heading-we ended up at Beavertail Park, and Dan discovered a new place to paint.

If you check out Beavertail Park on a map, you can see the shape of the beaver tail on the southern most rocky, windswept  tip of Conanicut Island, which is the actual location of the park. This park encompasses 153 acres of beautiful trails and vistas-awesome place for picnics, painting, reading, sight-seeing or just hanging out. The point of Conanicut Island separates the East and West passages of Narragansett Bay-the land and sea meet here and have a power struggle. Dan wanted to capture that confrontation and the beauty of the area on canvas.

You can actually picture yourself sitting on a huge rock, listening to the crashing waves, sounds of the gulls, and watching the sailboats, way off in the distance. A perfect day of peaceful contemplation-don’you think?

“June Flowers at Beavertail State Park” is on display at the Evans Gallery in Lemon ‘n Lyme
Artisan Gifts and Fine Art Shop in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The location is 19 Halls Road, and there is an “Artist Reception for Daniel S. Dahlstrom” tonight, Sat. May 5th, from 5-7pm in the Evans Gallery. Great food, great company, great artisan gifts, and of course, a wonderful, fine art gallery!

Hope you can attend-looking forward to seeing everyone. And the public is invited!

Take care,

Dan and Nancy

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