“River of Ice, Connecticut River” and Lemon ‘n Lyme Gallery, Old Lyme, CT

"River of Ice, Connecticut River"

"River of Ice, Connecticut River"

Hi to all,

“River of Ice, Connecticut River” is currently at the Lemon ‘n Lyme Fine Art Gallery for viewing and for sale for the remainder of March. In April, paintings will be changed around and new ones will be on display-so there still is time to take a look-see  at this painting and visit this beautiful gallery and store.

The Connecticut River has been a source of constant artistic inspiration through all the changing seasons and times of day. On this particular blustery, winter February day, the river was casting off its’ ice, and hugh slabs were flowing downriver to Long Island Sound, the clouds were moving swiftly over the water casting shadows, light hitting the hills in the distance, snow on the banks,  and far in the background was the East Haddam bridge-out came the camera and thoughts of a winter river painting was taking place. All the components came together for a good composition-this piece has been in several juried gallery shows.

Some background on the East Haddam Bridge-it is a steel, moveable (swing) truss bridge having two main spans crossing the Connecticut River between the towns of Haddam and East Haddam. The bridge was designed by Alfred P. Boller (1840-19120, and he was one of America’s foremost bridge engineers. The historic Goodspeed Opera House looms over the East Haddam Bridge on the East Haddam side of the river. In the summertime during busy boat season, you can be sitting, in your car, for a very long time waiting for the boats to go through the opening. It is exciting to watch the bridge open up and close-I wonder what life must be like for the person handling the controls in the little, tiny confined space above the bridge.

The finished painting has a Hudson River Valley School feel to it-with the earth tones, blue sky, realistic clouds and greenish water and tranquil feeling. Dan used fine brush strokes (no palette knife) for this piece-almost making it impossible to see the brush strokes.

Did you know the Hudson River Valley School was not a real school at all, but a group of Hudson River Valley artists who got together to paint-just hanging out doing their thing? It was started by Thomas Cole, and  was the first true American style of landscape painting.

Frederic Edwin Church was one of the artists in the group, and he built a Persian inspired home (Olana) overlooking the Hudson River on over two hundred acres. It is a wonderful place to visit, and paint. We took a day trip to Olana so Dan could feel the essence of these artists, and learn more about them.  He was not able to paint en plein air (in the open air), but he did photograph, and hopefully these will become paintings. It really is well worth the trip-the grounds are beautiful, and the Hudson River is just spectacular. I can see why it drew landscape artists to the area.

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Dan and Nancy


Lemon ‘n Lyme website: http://www.lemonlyme@artgiftsoldlyme.com or you can attach to them from our website “Links” page @ http://www.danielsdahlstromartist.com

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