“North Cove, 1909-Essex” an oil painting, and Lemon ‘n Lyme, Old Lyme, CT

"North Cove, 1909-Essex"

"North Cove, 1990-Essex"

Where does inspiration come from? Sometimes from a least expected place and time. ¬†We were cleaning out drawers-the bureau that houses all our photographs. Many of them with no description, and causes you to wonder if you died what people would say about these photographs. I envision our children asking each other, “Who are these people and where is this place.” So we thought we should document our history, and organize these photographs. Instead an idea for a painting came about, and the photographs are still in bunches in the drawers.

Mixed in with our family photos were old ones, of Essex, that we had inherited. Well, Dan took one look at a black and white photograph of North Cove, 1909 and was inspired to create an oil painting-a spring scene of soft greens and yellows. The period seemed to be a quieter and gentler one, conducive to a serene and calm palette, and a gentle painter’s touch on the canvas.

You can almost feel yourself walking across the meadow, smelling the wildflowers, and taking your time, with no worries in the world. Perhaps picking a few of those wildflowers for the kitchen table, and for the family to enjoy.

This is a memory painting of a time gone by, and captured on canvas to remember that day.

Over the week-end, it will be delivered to Lemon ‘n Lyme in Old Lyme, CT for display and sale. Their website is on our “Links” page, which is found on our website. Lemon ‘n Lyme is an interesting shop and fine art gallery, well worth a trip to Old Lyme, there is plenty to do-restaurants, stores, museums, and galleries.

Stop in and say hello and that we sent you.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”-Picasso

Take care….

Dan and Nancy

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