“Lilies on the River II” – Oil Painting and Inspiration for This Artwork

"Lillies on the River II"-oil painting

"Lilies on the River II-oil painting

On a June day, in the early morning misty hours, we were standing on the banks of the Chester Creek, which led out to the majestic Connecticut River. There was a haze over the water, with an interesting glow in the background, creating the trees to be in silhouette. This atmospheric quality made the orange, Tiger Lilies, growing wild on the banks of the creek, to pop against the background.

This vista was inspirational in composing a painting, and “Lilies on the River” was started that morning. There also was some inspiration from Dan’s mother, who was an artist in her own right, and loved to paint flowers, especially wild Tiger Lilies, which grow by Connecticut roadsides, meadows, and river banks. They were escapees, throughout the years, from local gardens. Seeing the Tiger Lilies brought back memories of his mother’s paintings.

The palette for the sky consists of warmer browns to yellow with touches of gray, simplifying and softening the richness of other colors. The chroma of the sky was reflecting in the river waters, and contrasted with the warm colors in the water, and cool greens of the landscape. All of these elements were contributing to the composition of a calm and serene piece of work, which Dan enjoys capturing and applying to canvas and what he is known for regarding his art.

The paint application for this piece was brush only, and the sky and water were applied with a light touch, and a heavier consistency was used for the landmass, creating an interesting “depth of field.” This technique is evolving in all of his work.

This is a fairly large painting, 37″x57″, which is enjoyable to produce, and is a finished presentation of a wrap around canvas-finished view on all sides and front. “Lilies on the River” was sold (to a very good home) at an Artist’s Reception, and a good time was had by all, who attended-good company, good food, and art.

“Nature is my Muse”

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Dan and Nancy (Wife/Business Partner)

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