“Small Art Works with Big Impact Event” at Lemon ‘n Lyme in Old Lyme, Connecticut

"Winter Light on Tiffany Farm"

"Winter Light on Tiffany Farm"

"Duck River, Old Lyme"

"Duck River, Old Lyme

“Small Art Works with Big Impact Event” will be taking place Friday night (March 9) from 5-7pm at Lemon ‘n Lyme in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Lemon ‘n Lyme is a beautiful gallery and gift shop. The gallery is located right next to the Hide A Way Restaurant.

The oil paintings “Winter Light on Tiffany Farm” and “Duck River, Old Lyme” will be on display and for sale on Friday night, along with many other pieces of art. It will be a fun night, and we hope that you can come.

Address for Lemon ‘n Lyme: 19 Halls Road, Old Lyme Shopping Center, Old Lyme, CT

Phone for Lemon ‘n Lyme: 860-598-9313

Website for Lemon ‘n Lyme http://artgiftsoldlyme.com or it can be accessed from our website http://danielsdahlstromartist.com

Hope to see you there!

Have a good one…

Dan and Nancy

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