“Path at the Meadow” is a work in progress and Artisans’ Harbor in Old Saybrook, CT

"Path at the Meadow"

Inside of Artisans Harbor in Old Saybrook, CT

Inside of Artisans Harbor in Old Saybrook, CT

“Path at the Meadow” was started “en plein air” (in the open air) by Dan. As always, Dan photographs the area creating documentation of the day. He completed the painting, after several trips to the site. Well, we thought it was completed, but the painting is now in the studio for a “face-lift.” Artists get temperamental at times, and may end up not liking what they did–so that’s what happened. Dan is able to use the photographs to recreate the day, and have a template and reference point to follow.

This painting was used as his demo at Artisans’ Harbor Winter Open House, and he had fun reviewing the path that he was taking to tweak the composition. It seemed as if his students were also enjoying themselves. Photos will be posted at a later date.

The inspiration for “Path at the Meadow” came from Dan’s childhood. The path brings you down to a boat launch, where his parents kept their boat, and the family spent many happy days on the water. ┬áBehind the trees was their private picnic spot, finishing off a day of motoring with great food-Dan’s mother was an awesome cook.

We brought some new paintings to Artisan Harbor and they are on display and for sale. These will be posted fairly soon, and do take a look- see at his work there. The shop is loaded with beautiful things for sale–art, jewelry, etc. I hear talk that there will be another event in April, and you will be the first to know-certainly will keep you posted. I know that it will be fun and informative! And there will be food!

You can access Artisan Harbor website from our “Links” page on our website.

Quote for the day by Thomas A. Edison

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk”.

Have a good one…

Dan and Nancy

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