Interesting detail in this oil painting of the Mercy Center in Madison, CT–“Beach at Mercy Center”

"Beach at Mercy Center, Madison"

"Beach at Mercy Center, Madison"

Hi to all,

Do you see it? Look closely at the cloud formation-the clouds have a very interesting look to them. But one streak is not a cloud-it actually is the result of a jet flying overhead and leaving it’s wake behind. Dan decided that it should stay in the painting representation, and give this composition a little different perspective-a conversation piece so to speak. What do you think of this idea?

His inspiration for this piece came from the special light behind the trees, which created an unnatural glow, and the bend on the beach where the rocks met the tree line. Dan felt that this would make a good composition-the lighting, shadows, and lay of the land. The atmosphere had a ethereal element to it-very mystical, heavenly and spiritual. This was very appropriate because the Mercy Center is a spiritual retreat where one goes for prayer and meditation-extra peace and quiet, and a beautiful place for reflection.

When we arrived at the Center, we had to ask permission to go on property and photograph. That day the camera was only used to document the vistas. We were told that we had to be quiet, which meant absolutely no talking, because there were prayer and meditation groups in session. The minute you tell me I have to be quiet, we all know that will be difficult for me-very chatty I am. So that was a stretch-needed spiritual guidance for that one.

So into the building we go, and then it starts. For some reason my coat was making all kinds of noises–fake leather and the fake leather seemed to come alive. The moment it started, Dan gave me the looks. I was thinking of laughing but decided wrong thing to do-removing the coat was a better option. And peace and quiet was once more in place. We had to walk through the building to get to the beautiful beach, and it was worth the walk -a long one. What a gorgeous area, and I knew that we would be there for hours while Dan looked for the perfect painting. Quiet was the law that day, even on the beach.

Surrounding the Mercy Center-building and beach-was this mystical atmosphere, and you felt as if this special place would produce beautiful art. Dan does create art that makes you feel at peace, serene, and calm. We were pleased with the outcome of the “Beach at Mercy Center, Madison. Dan will be working on some more pieces from the Center, and I will be quiet (I will pray to be able to be quiet).

We are not sure where this piece will be displayed, but will keep you posted. You can always email us through the website, and comment or ask questions. We, of course, would welcome your input.

The technique used for this composition was strictly the brush and layering of paint to give the desired outcome.The palette consisted of cool blues, used in the sky and water, and earthtones in the landscape, which created a dramatic effect. This rendering can be used both in the home and in the office-it will be at home in any setting.

You can find a connection to the Mercy Center on our “Links” page, or here-their website is The Mercy Center has pictures posted of the destruction that was caused by a recent hurricane, and the work that is underway to reconstruct the facility.

Our friends, Grace and Dale, also do a Dream Series at the Center, and Grace’s link is on our “Links” page, which can be accessed from I am trying to hook up with them to join this group-it looks very informative and interesting. They play drums, so I know I won’t have to be quiet. On that day, Dan can do his art quest on the property-we both will be happy and fulfilled.

Have a good one and take care….

Dan and Nancy

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