Have You Thought About Giving Art As a Gift–Art Lasts a Lifetime

"White Flowers in a Blue Vase"

"White Flowers in a Blue Vase"

"Roses on the Kitchen Table"

"Roses on the Kitchen Table"

"The Frog at Design Essence in Old Saybrook, CT"

"The Frog at Design Essence in Old Saybrook, CT

"Kariann in her shop in Deep River, CT"

"Kariann in Her Shop in Deep River, CT"

When you give a gift of art, you are giving a gift for a lifetime, which can be passed on to future generations. It isn’t a gift that has a short shelf life such as flowers or candy (in our house candy has no shelf life–sometimes the eating begins in the car, but that is our secret). There are many options to think about in selecting art–you can give paintings of floral still life.

“White Flowers in a Blue Vase” was actually a special gift for me, and Dan thought that he should save the bouquet by painting it–this bouquet is lasting a life time. It was painted primarily with the artist’s palette knife, creating a heavy outlay of paint, and a sculpting effect has taken place. This is a very romantic piece, and will look lovely in a bedroom, dining room, or a little nook in a hallway.

“Roses on a Kitchen Table” brings you back in time to your grandmother’s kitchen table, and a makeshift vase to hold the flowers from the garden. This rendering was totally created with the artist palette knife, and again very thick outlay of paint. You feel as if the flowers are there in front of you, and can be picked up and handled.

Design Essence located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut has “White Flowers in a Blue Vase” on display and for sale in their beautiful store. You can access their website from the “Links” page on www.danielsdahlstromartist.com. Please stop in and say hello.

Kariann, owner of Kariann Price Designs, Deep River, Connecticut would also welcome a visit from you. The painting, “Roses on the Kitchen Table” is on display and for sale in her fun and interesting shop. Kariann also makes beautiful pieces of jewelry. Her information can also be accessed from the “Links” page at www.danielsdahlstromartist.com.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments-happy to hear from you!

Take care…

Dan and Nancy

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