“Beavertail Lighthouse, Rhode Island” and the Mystic Arts Center (MAC)

"Beavertail Lighthouse-Rhode Island"

"Beavertail Lighthouse-Rhode Island"

Hi all,

“Beavertail Lighthouse” was conceived on a beautiful, June day. Dan and I decided to do a picnic at Beavertail Park in Rhode Island, and of course, that meant easel, paints, canvas, camera, sketch pad, not to mention the food. Going somewhere with an artist sometimes is worse than travelling with a baby. We left very early so Dan could catch all the appropriate lighting and have enough time to paint-“en plein air” (in the open air).

When we got to the park, he was most excited because there were so many places and vistas and light to do justice to many compositions. He dragged all of his “stuff” across a field, over rocks, and then disappeared. And on the car seat was his cell phone. So much for being able to call in case he fell down the little cliff–more food for me. I settled in on a lawn chair, book, and drink in hand and was happy–perhaps a nap a little later.

I watched the clouds puff on by, and Dan captured the cloud formations and incredible blue of the sky on his canvas. Standing in front of the painting, at the Mystic Art Center, Mystic, CT (where it is displayed) you can almost hear the waves crashing on the rocks and smell the sea air. The painting is capturing you, the viewer, and moving you toward the lighthouse in the distance, and back around through the water. It is important to be able to visually enter the composition, and hang around for awhile, and then exit.

That day, I was getting  nervous because the artist lost all track of time, and got back to the car later than planned. Well, maybe I was only a little nervous because I ate, and if he took any longer, I would have finished everything

It turned out to be a lovely outing in Rhode Island, and “Beavertail Lighthouse, Rhode Island” is on exhibit and for sale at the Center(MAC) until February 18, 2012. You can access information regarding MAC from the “Links” page on the website.

Please check out the Art Gallery on the website because there are several paintings of the park on display. And hope that you make it to Mystic, CT to see all the beautiful paintings on display at the Art Center.

Have a good one!

Take care,

Dan and Nancy

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