Madison Art Society (MAS), Madison, CT and “Rocks at Rocky Neck State Park”

"Rocks at Rocky Neck State Park, CT"

"Rocks at Rocky Neck State Park, CT"

Look closely at the sky-do you see the angel? It was one of those days that checking out the cloud formations was productive–wisping over the rocks and water was an angel. We had to do a double take, and then the scene and composition of the next painting took form.

Dan set up his easel, brushes, palette knives, and paints and went to work–“en plein air” (in the open air). It was a perfect day to be at the park and beach and for me to read or nap in the car, and for Dan to create for the entire day. Once done creating, napping and reading, time to explore. At the park, there are so many places to crawl around and check out views, have a romantic picnic, take walks, bike ride, and even camp. Rocky Neck State Park is a place that we knew and enjoyed as children, and an awesome place to paint outdoors and in the midst of nature. This is the most important part, the train goes by the beach and the conductor waves and we wave, then everyone waves. It’s great to hear the toot of the train, see the passengers (waving), and wonder where they are going or if they are running away from something or toward something. For a fleeting moment, you can see their faces and then they are gone and more than likely you will never see them again. You connected with strangers for seconds, and you were together in that moment and place-actually sharing an experience.

Through Dan’s work you are experiencing what he is seeing and feeling for that moment, and becoming part of the creative process. You are there seeing the cloud angel and the light on the water and the colors and shapes of the rocks-almost smelling the sea and hearing the call of the gulls.

That is the beauty of art-communication from the artist to the viewer.

“Rocks at Rocky Neck State Park” is on display and for sale at the Scranton Memorial Library in Madison, CT. Details are on the “Upcoming Events” page and on the “Gallery Page” on the

Hope you can make it to the library to check out all the artwork!

Take care…

Nancy and Dan

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