“Reflecting” Painting of Scene of Wickford, RI



The composition of “Reflecting” is an October late afternoon scene of Wickford, RI. Dan and I were on our way home from visiting Wickford and Voila Gallery. We were making arrangements to put some of Dan’s work into the gallery. and as we were heading home the late afternoon sun caught our attention, and Dan’s artistic eye. The essence of the day reminded Dan of works by Frederick J. Mulhaupt, who used the same colors as depicted in the Wickford water scene.

The mirror image, reflecting in the water, and the colors just lit up the atmosphere and the detail of the house and trees. Everything was falling into place, and the structure of the painting was a discussion for the ride home.

The structure or composition of “Reflecting” started by laying in the sky and water onto the canvas with a palette knife.

“Working with a knife is a quicker process than using a brush, and I like starting out with this tool, ” stated Dan.

To block out the main shapes in the sky and water, a brush is used at this point. Working the sky and water with a brush strengthens the chroma or color of the composition, and shores up the detailing.

You start traveling through the painting from the lower right hand corner and ride the current around the bend of the house, through the magnificent reflection in the water, and past the late October light illuminating the house and trees. The trees almost look as if they are on fire. What do you think? Comments are always welcome.

Soon another painting of Wickford will be posted here-another scene of this day.

Take care and stay warm (those that are in the colder climate). We had quite a bit of snow in the last day, and tomorrow freezing rain.

Take care…

Dan and Nancy

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