Ebb Tide, Connecticut River and Artisans’ Harbor Gallery

Ebb Tide, Connecticut River

Ebb Tide, Connecticut River

Ebb Tide depicts one of our favorite haunts–the Chester, CT Ferry Landing in Chester, CT on the Connecticut River, and favorite time of day–last light. It was almost dusk, summer’s eve, and the colors on the river were awesome creating its’ own drama. The play of light across the water was spectacular, ending up with a golden shore on the other side-it was a painting calling out to Dan. The composition of the moment was in place. So he did his thing–he painted this piece, almost completely with the painter’s knife, and did fine edging with a brush.

Of course, plenty of chroma (color) was applied–using oranges, yellows, blacks, purples and rich, bright greens to create the deep, dark, dramatic tones of the landscape and water.

Many times, we took ferry rides just to check out the river and the shore to see if the river was opening up its’ creative side that day. And several paintings have been produced from the ferry looking back at the shore–a completely different perspective.

This piece is on display at the Artisans’ Harbor in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The gallery is on Main Street, and it is well worth the trip to Old Saybrook. Plenty of shopping, restaurants, and of course, the gallery to check out. You can also link to Artisans’ Harbor from Dan’s webpage ¬†www.danielsdahlstromartist.com

Let me know your thoughts, and how you liked Old Saybrook, CT

to be continued….take care

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