Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse and Lemon ‘n Lyme Gallery

Saybrook Breakwater Lighhouse, Long Island Sound, CT

Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, CT

Dan enjoys painting the lighthouses in Connecticut. He went out on a boat, with some friends, to get a different perspective of the lighthouse (where the Sound meets the Connecticut River). It was a beautiful, bright summer’s day, and the water was both calm and rough. Really too rough to set up his easel–but he did capture the difference in the seas–calm on one side and rough, and choppy on the other side.

This is a fairly large painting with very brillant colors–really an eye catcher. Many people comment on the colors and light in this art piece. Dan captures the essence of the light on water, snow or ice onto his canvas.

The art can be viewed at Lemon ‘n Lyme Gallery in Old Lyme, Connecticut throughout December 2011. A link is posted in Dan’s website to Lemon ‘n Lyme. The gallery is located in a quaint New England town with many interesting shops, galleries, and restaurants. Lemon ‘n Lyme is a beautiful shop and gallery, and well worth the trip to Old Lyme. The Florence Griswold Museum is also located in Old Lyme–not too far away from Lemon ‘n Lyme. And the Bea and Thistle is one of our favorite places to eat–awesome service and food, also located in Old Lyme.

Hope you make your way to Old Lyme–it’s a very nice destination day trip.

Feel free to comment on Dan’s work–look forward to hearing from you.

To be continued…take care…

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