Daffodils, Voila Gallery, and Wickford, RI



From now on my wife, Nancy has taken over my blog, with of course, my input. This way I can paint, and Nancy can write.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon, with old, dear friends in Wickford, RI. Wickford is the historic district of North Kingstown, RI. It is a quaint, beautiful village filled with galleries and shops, and of course, very nice restaurants. The village is decorated for the holidays–many white lights and red bows–it was very festive. And we enjoyed our friends and their family tremendously–we hadn’t seen them in years. It was great to catch up on new stuff and remember old stuff–talk about our youth and where life has taken us.

The first week-end in December there is a “Festival of Lights” in Wickford–we may find ourselves back there for it. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Dan’s piece, Daffodils, is being shown in the Voila Gallery (located in Wickford) through the month of December. He also will have work there throughout January and February 2012. Please stop in and see his work, ¬†and of course, check out the gallery. It is very warm and inviting, with beautiful items for sale. And children friendly–kids are welcomed there. So feel free to check it out and browse.

“Daffodils” was painted because I love the flowers so much, and they were an Easter Bouquet. Because they were so beautiful, they became one of Dan’s still lifes. The technique used was strictly painted with a brush, but with thick paint, and then after awhile, it was varnished. Dan has found that with some of his work, he likes to put a coat of varnish on it. The varnish really pops the darks, and gives it an old world quality.

There is a link to Voila on Dan’s webpage–www.danielsdahlstromartist.com

To be continued…have a good one….

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