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Roses on the Kitchen Table

"Roses on the Kitchen Table"

And we are so off and running–sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you to Staples for helping me with this blog.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Ours was very quiet, but still a nice time and meal. My wife and I always like to remember our first Thanksgiving with our newborn son. We set the table with the good china, crystal, silverware, and a great floral arrangement. And there we sat in our sweats–we were very comfortable. The baby was in his bassinet at the head of the table (and that remained his spot for over 20 years), and we were so tired and so hungry. We didn’t know why until we realized that it was 10pm, and the last time we ate was 5am. We have never brought Thanksgiving dinner to the table so late since, but we did come close.

The oil painting “Roses on the Kitchen Table” was produced in a class conducted by Leif Nilsson. He has a studio and gallery in Chester, CT. In this class I really changed my painting technique–utilizing the painter’s knife. The knife lays off color in a richer form, and gives the painting more depth. My knives come in various sizes, shapes, and points, which I also couple with a brush, at times. To give more depth, it is important to make sure that there is an ample amount of color (chroma) on the canvas by applying the paint with a heavy hand.

As I was working on the painting, I felt that I was being transported to my Swedish grandmother’s kitchen and the roses from her garden. The painting was taking on a life of its’ own, and coming from a far away time-the painting has an old world look to it. Hopefully, this work will also transport you to a time of memory.

“Roses on a Kitchen” table can be viewed at my friend’s (Kariann Price) shop in Deep River, CT. You can also link from my website (www.danielsdahlstromartist.com) to Kariann’s page.

Again to review the purpose of this blog-just to let you know what I am working on or why something came to be, and having a discussion regarding art or my work or whatever comes to mind. I will be posting everyday or pretty close to it.

To be continued….

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